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Our Policy

Proficient Knowledge Group (PKG) is dedicated to promoting positive change and a sustainable future. This policy outlines the principles and guidelines for content and link usage across all PKG platforms, emphasizing environmental responsibility, animal welfare, and ethical business practices. We prioritize content that aligns with our values and uplifts our audiences while proactively avoiding harmful materials.


  • Environmental Sustainability: We support content that promotes responsible environmental practices, animal welfare, and a shift towards sustainable solutions.
  • Ethical and Compassionate Choices: We encourage content that fosters healthy lifestyles, responsible consumption, and humane approaches towards all living beings.
  • Accuracy and Transparency: We uphold the highest factual accuracy and transparency standards in all published content.
  • Positive Impact: We prioritize content contributing to positive social change, community building, and a more equitable world.


1. Adult Content
– Pornography
– Dating Related Content

2. Gambling and Betting
– Casinos
– Betting services

3. Substances
– CBD products
– Cannabis/Marijuana
– e-Cigarettes and Vaping
– Drugs (illegal substances)
– Tobacco

4. Health and Wellness
– Medicines
– Artificial Food Supplement
– Steroids and Performance Drugs
– Health Claims without Scientific Backing

5. Academic Integrity
– Essay Writing Services
– Promotion of Cheating or Academic Dishonesty

6. Marketing and Financial
– Affiliate Links/ Affiliate Marketing Schemes
– Social Media Growth Services (Verification, Views, Likes & Followers)
– Money Making Strategies

7. Ethical Concerns
– Leather and Animal By-Products
– Slaughterhouses and Related Products/Services
РFisheries, Hunting, Fishing, Killing of Animals 
– Food, Products or Services Associated with Animal Cruelty

8. Security and Controversial Topics
– Weapons-Related Content
– Controversial Subjects
– Hate Speech or Discriminatory Content


We are dedicated to promoting a clean and vegan lifestyle, striving to contribute to the preservation of our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. This policy underscores our responsibility to fight pollution, cultivate green spaces, and create a harmonious world for animals and nature.

Content creators, editors, and platform managers are responsible for adhering to this policy. Violation may result in corrective action, including content removal or disciplinary measures.

PKG strives to be a beacon of positive change by prioritising sustainable and ethical content. We embrace a collaborative approach, encouraging our creators and audience to join us in shaping a future that values responsibility, compassion, and positive impact.