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We are in an era where we depend on technology for almost everything, from shopping to finding the right yoga classes. Whenever we want to know about something or somebody, the first thing that we do is Google. This clearly means if you want to brand yourself or your business, you have to be on top of the searches. And if you are not, it merely means you are not creating the buzz correctly.

On average 75% of your potential customers will not do business with you due to a lack of credibility. In order to get more opportunities and win the trust of your audience/customers, you must have online visibility so the world can see who you are, what you do, and how you are different.

According to research, almost 80% of people conduct online research the moment they have to buy something online or if they need any information about any product or service.

Customers trust those brands which are professionally listed. We at Proficient Knowledge Group create professional listings that customers can trust. Research also shows 95% of customers pick a business that has an informative, complete listing with reviews from others over a half-filled listing.

You’re accomplishing a lot. People must be made aware of it. But the question is – how should you get the publicity without spending a fortune on public relations?


Proficient Knowledge Group is a media house that owns a variety of web spaces and has also partnered with a large network of internationally-recognized magazines, news sites and blogs. We help agencies, businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, professionals and bloggers establish authority through article placements.

To assist you boost your brand awareness and website’s search engine rankings and traffic, Proficient Knowledge Group offers a guest posting service that is a hassle-free approach to obtaining high-quality organic online visibility.


Since search engines have existed, backlinks have been used by search engine algorithms to determine where your website will appear on their search engine result pages.

Building links will help your landing pages rank higher in Google’s search engine results pages, which will be extremely beneficial to your online marketing plan. But what attributes do a successful link-building strategy have?

Outreach is essential since it enables you to promote your brand to various audiences and gets you included on authoritative websites, which raises your domain authority (DA) on Google and increases your online visibility.


A social media shoutout is an endorsement from one social media account to another, often involving photos or videos. It’s a unique way for individuals and businesses to gain awareness for what they’re offering and grow their audience and engagement.

Instagram shoutout is one of the most popular, effective, and efficient methods to raise awareness. Here’s how it works: another Instagram account promotes your brand, product or service on their handle, tagging and referencing yours in the process. The Instagram account giving the shoutout usually has a large following, which allows them to reach a large audience and possibly influence those followers to buy your products and follow your account. Due to this, these accounts are commonly referred to as “influencers.”

Proficient Knowledge Group has helped thousands of clients in over 120 countries from various industries, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Whether you’re just starting or struggling to get seen or need positive associations, we assure you of building your audience on social media platforms.